2010 Photos

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September 5, 2010

A beautiful September day at the Wapack Trail.  Pictures are from the Start/Finish line area at the Windblown XC Ski Area in New Ipswich, NH.

Winner, Course Record Holder, Dave Herr

Jim Johnson

Brian Rusiecki

William Hawkins

Greg Hammett

Lars Sauvola

Keith Schmitt

Cory Elowe and ??

Erica LaBella, 1st Woman, Course Record Holder

Lining up for the start

Pete Carson, the pizza man!

Pre-race mingling

Steve Legge & Ing Thaxter

Charlie & Ing Thaxter

Steve Wolfe

The Volunteers

Bob Worsham

Paula Finestone

Christopher and Michael Agbay

Fast guys chillin'

Magda Cardosa

Jason Bui

Dima Feinhaus

Listening attentively to RD before Start

Kevin Mullen

And they're off...

Cochran, St. Hilaire, Johnson, Hammett


The turnaround point at the end of the Wapack

Michael St. Hilaire (thanks for the photos, Mike!)

Kenny Rogers